Ron Cubaney is passion. It was passion that saw Ron Cubaney become an icon. It was passion that saw Ron Cubaney reborn.

Ron Cubaney is your Maestro Cubanos as you navigate the mysteries of rum. Where others try to seduce you with manufactured flavour, history and pretence, Ron Cubaney is with you as you discover the full potential of our world of flavour. We are raw passion and pride. The Ron Cubaney range will captivate your senses as you experience our white rum, solera-aged dark rums, and spiced rum.

But we know that enjoying Ron Cubaney needs space and time. As the world flashes past you it’s good to know that there is still peace and tranquillity. That is the essence of Ron Cubaney; passion and tranquillity. There is too much history, too much Caribbean majesty, and too much conflict in the Ron Cubaney story to see your enjoyment interrupted by the outside world. Lose yourself in our diverse, passionate, unique rums.

People come to Ron Cubaney to escape the everyday, the mainstream, the over-commercialised. You can taste raw Caribbean passion in each glass, you can taste the expertise of our Maestro Cubanos who’ve committed their life to distilling the world’s best rums, you can taste the fire that is part of our Cuban heritage, and the fire that creates Ron Cubaney’s distinct flavour.

Ron Cubaney will let you light your passion, discover your tranquillity, and celebrate your world.

Ron Cubaney. Created with passion, savoured in peace.

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